Our Clients

“Having a pilates class in the middle of the day makes me more focused in the afternoon. Kirsten is a brilliant teacher, and after the class I feel taller, slimmer and ready to tackle the world!”
Sue - Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

"With my hectic schedule which includes two little boys, I have some 'me' time during work hours that allow me to focus on a healthy balanced lifestyle."
Zubeida Hendricks - RunwaySale

“Staff wellness is a big thing for us as a company. We want our staff to be productive, but healthy and happy too. The best way for them to give a hundred percent, is if they feel a hundred percent. Point Pilates has helped our team de-stress, keep fit and feel revitalised.”
Human Resources - Mukuru

“I find myself looking forward to my weekly Pilates class, which is an excellent way to end a work day with fellow colleagues. Our instructor, Mariken, has such a calm demeanour. But I also feel stronger after a class. All corporates would benefit from this!”
Zuleigha - Investec

“Regular exercise during the working week has transformed me. Not only do I look and feel stronger and healthier, but my mind feels invigorated and my confidence and energy has improved. The convenience of a structured Pilates class to break up the work day makes Point Pilates the best option for employers who prioritise corporate wellness.”
Michael - Allan Gray

"Point Pilates has been giving classes at our offices since May 2016. Feedback in our review sessions drove us to try and accommodate a need for more work-life-body balance. We started with some beginners and some more experienced participants and found that the classes were suited to fit and accommodate everyone taking part. Mariken has been a wonderful instructor who has given some very challenging classes but ensures classes are always still lots of fun and that everyone can keep up with the pace. We initially started classes as a fun way for our ladies in the office to get active but it has definitely grown into the highlight of our days!"
Elmien Smit - Co-Founder of RunwaySale

"I'm so grateful that RunwaySale gives us the opportunity to do pilates at work. I've got to know everybody much more during the classes. I'm feeling stronger and more flexible. It's a great way to de-stress at the end of a busy work day. I always look forward to it."
Jess Barge - RunwaySale

“Six months into pilates and I’m a changed woman. I cannot imagine an exercise regime anymore in which pilates doesn’t play a central role. I have noticed the improvement in my core strength and posture, but equally important is just how much enjoyment I derive from the classes. Mariken and the team at Point Pilates are fabulous.”
Kotie Basson- Investec

“Ever since I joined the pilates classes at Mukuru I have seen noticeable changes in my physical and mental well-being. I was challenged to start exercising regularly which has made me healthier, a lot more relaxed and less stressed. For this reason I am grateful to Mukuru for allowing us the opportunity to do pilates at work. Many employees are unable to find time to exercise after working hours; these classes provide an opportunity for those to exercise within a tight schedule. I think it’s every companies best interest to introduce pilates to their employees.”
Angeline- Mukuru

Point Pilates

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